Make your Halloween 2014 special with wearing stylish costumes!

Halloween 2014 costumes ideas

As we all know about that Halloween is celebrated by every age and everyone wants to have different look with wearing stylish, Horror, funny etc. costumes at Halloween parties but choosing the correct costume is a very difficult that which costume can make your body charm and notable, if we fail to change our look at Halloween party then we repent for a whole year because it comes after a year. This blog has been written for those who are still puzzle in finding right costume for Halloween 2014 party I have some different look and style costumes which are not overlooked ever. These costumes have been inspired from Hollywood movies where many Halloween types costumes are being introduced every day.

Halloween 2014 Starlord Peter Quill Costume!

star lord new design costume

star lord new design costume1 star lord new design costume2

Costume Detailing:

Made from genuine leather

Original color: Maroon, available in Blue, Red, Green colors

Belted style on this Halloween 2014 peter quill costume

Stand up collar

Golden buttons to make it more stylish

Assassin’s Creed Halloween 2014 Costume!



Assassin’s Creed Costume Detailing:

Made in two type of material pure leather and faux leather

Available in two colors combination: Red / Black & Green White according to Halloween parties

It has a Hoodie but you can simply remove Hoodie easily to make this Halloween costume for simple parties

Zipper closure at front and button on cuffs.

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Latest Trendy Outfit By Brad Pitt From Fury 2014 Movie!

Fury is an upcoming Hollywood war 2014 movie set in World War 2 directed and written by David Ayer, and cast by the most famous stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman who are most talented and looking handsome super stars of Hollywood movies, and if we talk about any thing similar out of them so we get one same thing that is their style and look, and i will talk about most senior star who is Brad Pitt, many people who are crazy about his fashion and style he is also bringing one new commando style outwear to show his self strong macho man, here some pics to show you how he is looking handsome with this outwear. This Brad Pitt outwear has been named WW2 Fury Brad Pitt Outfit!



Patches on the sleeves of this brad pitt jacket

It has a front zipper closure

Two waists pockets

Bomber style commando jacket

This jacket’s features makes it more stylish than other jackets, and can be worn at Halloween for absolute new style and look….

ww2 fury jacket

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A Walk Among the Tombstones 2014 Film Liam Neeson Coat!

I have seen this movie is going to be most famous because the most talented person is in the movie who is Liam Neeson, his acting and style every fans really love, and i give him one more complement due to his dressing style Yes, his dressing style is superb when ever he comes in new movie he has absolutely different style so now he is presented with a most stylish jacket in the shape of trench coat by A Walk Among the Tombstones 2014 latest movie. This Liam Neeson coat is being caught for the winter season because this coat makes warm when cold winds blow, if who didn’t take him as a stylish person so he has proved them wrong he is still so stylish like a young boy not an old man.



A Walk Among the Tombstones Coat

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Costumes

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2014 Movie Costumes Worn by Chris Pratt

The movie got most popular in the all 2014 movies as it was being expected specially the role of chris pratt, he is doing his best as peter quill or star lord. Marvel’s movies have been always great story, and if we talk about costumes of this movie so we find many costume, vest, jacket and pants as peter quill played great role he also got up great look and style to maintain his personality as a big superstar i think after this movie he will be known as fashion symbol in eye of every fans, people who love or don’t love peter quill character in this movie they also want his costume to make this Halloween more special i show here some his costume or jacket pics these might be liked very much:

Chris Pratt Trench Coat


Replica Made Coat Of Chris Pratt



Chris Pratt Maroon Color Jacket


Replicated Jacket of Chris Pratt’s Jacket


Chris Pratt Vest


Chris Pratt Leather Pants

You might have noticed that he made all clothe’s style in maroon color only except pants, maroon color costume is going to be different at this coming Halloween and more over in winter season, his trench coat can be adopted for winter to keep your self warm so now keep your style cool in winter if you want to buy one of these so you can contact us or order online to get it stitched according to your need of style.


Hugh Jackman Jacket Arrives For Brooklyn Academy Of Music gala

Hugh Jackman Wears Jacket When He Arrives For Brooklyn Academy Of Music gala

Designers use celebrities and models to endorse their products in a more grandeur manner. Movie stars are the peak of this kind of stardom and the most eye-catching and noticeable amongst these movie stars is without a shadow of a doubt the brilliant and dashing Hugh Jackman. The way Hugh Jackman carries himself around in parties, openings of various franchise or film nights is second to none. His apparel is the best in the fashion world and what makes it the best is the kind of jackets that he wears. These are some of the best designer jackets in the world.


Hugh Jackman One Another Shiny Black Jacket in Lawrence City

Hugh_Jackman_Black_Jacket Hugh_Jackman_Bomber_Style_Jacket Hugh_Jackman_Jacket_Sale

Where ever he goes even casually, he makes a grand appearance. One of such grand appearances would be his appearance at the opening of quaint tea shop in New York. Here, Hugh Jackman wears his amazing black leather jacket that had been used in the blockbuster movie Real Steel. The jacket is glossy and shinny. It has two zipped front pockets and a central zipped lining. The best thing about this jacket is the fact that it can blend in with almost any kind of clothing. In the opening of the tea shop, Hugh Jackman used the jacket as a part of formal attire. Another such incident was when Hugh Jackman arrived in all his style and grandeur at Brooklyn Academy of Music Gala. His appearance absolutely rocked the show. What added to it was the adorable that jacket that he had on at the time. Hugh Jackman was easily looking the best at the show and all because of that brilliant maroon jacket. The design pattern of the jacket was truly breathing taking. One can easily say after having a look at the jacket that it is easily one of the best maroon jackets in the market at the moment.  Hugh Jackman is primarily famous for the way he endorses tightly fitted black leather jackets. For instance, the jacket he made us of with Citizens of Humanity Sid Jeans in Lawrence. The black leather jacket was truly exhilarating!


Hugh Jackman wearing black jacket while opening up a quaint tea shop in New York



Van Helsing 2004 film Hugh Jackman Trench Leather Coat/Costume


Hugh Jackman also endorses great costumes in his movies such as the Van Helsing and Wolverine. In Van Helsing we see Hugh Jackman as a character of the Victorian age and his clothing reflects that. While in Wolverine we see him as this fierce superhero who can take on the world and here again his jacket says almost all.

Hugh_Jackman_Van_Helsing_Leather_Costume Hugh_Jackman_Van_Helsing_Leather_Jacket

Hugh Jackman Jacket Wolverine filming in Queenstown

Wolverine_filming_Hugh_Jackman_Jacket Wolverine_filming_Hugh_Jackman_Jacket_in_Queenstown

Watch Out Our More Replicated Designs

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Jacket


X-Men The Last Stand Wolverine Jacket


X-Men Wolverine Special Jacket


X-Men Wolverine XO Jacket


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Cheryl Cole looks beautiful in black quilted style jacket as she arrives in Italy for Milan Fashion Week!


Cheryl cole Black Quilted Design Short Body Jacket

Cheryl cole has been known as a fashion’s icon since she started wearing stylish outwears and one stylish jacket is more eye-catching which she wears when she arrives at Italy for Milan Fashion Week. This short body jacket makes Cheryl cole more sexy and cool and more special thing is quilted design on it.


Collarless, long sleeves, quilted design, astounding look and most special it’s back style is  different than all jackets…

Cheryl-Cole-arrives-for-Milan-Fashion-Week-Quilted-Jacket Cheryl-Cole-arrives-for-Milan-Fashion-Week-Quilted-Jacket2 Cheryl-Cole-arrives-for-Milan-Fashion-Week-Quilted-Jacket3


This Cheryl cole jacket has never been offered yet at online, but if anyone who are fans of Cheryl cole so please contact us we won’t disappoint you in getting Cheryl cole dressing style in your life…

How to Dress Up Like Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, Owl City And Neon Hitch Perform At The Greek Theatre

Demi Lovato Performs At The Greek Theater

When she was performing at Greek Theater as well as watching the show we caught her style with an eye-catching Black Leather Jacket to present you to keep yourself update with a new fashion, we present you Demi Lovato fringe black leather jacket just at catch-able price.

Demi+Lovato+Owl+City+Neon+Hitch+Perform+Greek+vgoi8tvkUZ9l Demi+Lovato+Owl+City+Neon+Hitch+Perform+Greek+bxGWUXZZf5ql

Black Shiny Color with zip closure breast pocket….

Demi+Lovato+Owl+City+Neon+Hitch+Perform+Greek+2GGedUXOO_nl Demi+Lovato+Owl+City+Neon+Hitch+Perform+Greek+xk5ZMPNZCPHl

Sleeves are made with stylish fringe design….

Demi Lovato, Owl City and Neon Hitch Perform At The Greek Theatre

Branded Zip Closure at Front which makes this jacket more stylish….

Demi Lovato performs neon lights on x factor

demi levot neon light on x factor jacket3

Demi Lovato wore an another stylish black jacket on X factor show while performing neon light song that’s why every one says her new style and fashion taker, to know  the popularity in front of  her fans, we present every stylish jackets of demi lovato which ever she wears.

demi levot neon light on x factor jacket demi levot neon light on x factor jacket1

Demi Lovato dyed her hair of blue color to look more stylish in black jacket….


demi levot neon light on x factor jacket2demi levot neon light on x factor jacket4

Demi Lovato Neon Light Jacket has amazing featuring on sleeves, collar, cuffs and pockets every thing makes this Demi Lovato jacket cool and stylish.

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Create a Statement in this Valentine Day

skyfall-james-bond-jacketA classy leather jackets are exclusively trendy in this season to look out highly elegant. These types clothing is provide extreme comfort and suitable to boost an individual charisma as a dynamic personality.  Skyfall Daniel Craig jacket is a contemporary stitched collection created by our fashion designer to capture a pure prominence status. In the famous movie series of “Skyfall” Daniel Craig has worn this jackets to play a character of James bond.  For the upcoming most favorite Valentine Day should consider a choice of leather jacket for your evening dates.  The texture and fabric of this collection are totally cozy for a trendy update a spotted classy in this day. After wearing this you give out sturdy appeal and perfect match to add up a spice in your persona.

Skyfall-Daniel-Craig-James-Bond-Distressed-Jacket1In the day of love, the formation of personality in a rocky style is necessary for impressed loved ones. This Skyfall Daniel Craig jacket is simply adorable for obtaining a sexy looks and feelings. This jacket is made from the real and genuine leather and by creating the special features make trendier. Everything in the jacket is in a detailed manner to grab the first attention of anyone.  This attire has a shirt collar, two large side pockets and a front closer zipper system for your perfect body fitting.  The length of the sleeves adds full with astonish designing of strap hem cuffs with buttons add the extra style in the apparel.  To look a sizzling hot and smart this leather jacket is greatly impressed and effective to carry from the updated collection. On this Valentine Day through this wearer you can set your own admirable vision. The another good news for you that to make your day more special and comfortable we have offered a discount  and less shipping charges  for buy this designer leather outfit.  To grab this in a very competitive price you never got out of style and making a fashioning statement on this special day. From the wide range of varieties this clothing piece is the perfect transition of fabric to wear. So, create a surly super sexy appeal to add this clothing in your wardrobe now!


The Heroic Jacket!

Smallville an American action super hero series based on the very famous DC comics character of the Superman that was originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster who created it when they were at high school and then sold it to then Dc Comics. This TV series was developed by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar who also happens to be the writers and producers of this series. The WB TV network was initially responsible for broadcasting the show whose first episode was broadcasted on 16th October 2001 but later in the fifth series these responsibilities were carried out by the CW who was formed after merging WB network and UPN. The series is based on ten sequels where the first four seasons focus on the character Clark Kent who lives in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas and is based around the story of his days in high school and in the latter stages of the sequel, we are introduced to the new superhero and the savior of the town. HE eventually learns that he is not from this world but from the outer space and when his close family comes to visit him, they intent to destroy this world while he is there to protect the world from them.


Everything put to one side, there as one thing that was really astonishing in this jacket and that was Clark Kent’s’ leather jackets which he wore during this TV series. This jacket without a doubt looks really cool and sexy and gives you some great look, a look that you always wanted. Apart from that, this jacket has some great padding on the shoulders and the sleeves and has a big Superman logo embossed at the front. So, this jacket is not only a jacket but a complete package of style and trend. Upon wearing this Clark Kent Superman Smallville Leather jacket you will not less than look like a sturdy star.


So, don’t waste your time and get this jacket from the store who provide quality jackets at a very reasonable price. Available in Red, Black, White, Green and Brown.

Sturdy Vest!

Bane-VestThe movie which was I believe the best of 2012 and certainly one of the best I and you would have ever seen is “The Dark Knight Rises”. This movie is A British-American movie based on the DC comic character “The Batman” which is directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Emma Thomas, Charles Roven and the one who is directed this movie himself Christopher Nolan. This movie is according to its director and producer the last sequel of the Batman trilogy and the best among the all three in general. It was a film with a huge budget of almost 300 million dollars and earned much more than invested. It gave the producers around 900 million dollars and became the 9th highest grossing movies of all time. It stars big names of the Hollywood industry such as Christian Bale as the Batman or Wayne, Cat woman as Anna Hathaway and Tom Hardy who played the character of Bane.


These stars made this movie worth watching and gave us the best time in front of the screen.

While all put to one side, this vest which was seen in the same movie and was worn by the Bane, the ominous character of the movie. With this jacket on, he looked so menacing and vigorous and it made him looked more tough and sturdy. This jacket with has two belts and has a two color combination in it. This vest is completely cool and has a YKK branded zipper at front for closure. This combat Dark Knight Rises Military Bane leather vest is the one if you want a look of brawny and robust one.


So, get bane vest and make yourself look like Bane. The character you always wanted to look like. Now is your chance to be like him. So get it as soon as possible!