Leather Jackets for Men to Classy and Chic!

The leather jacket is a great staple in the men’s wear and classic to choose from the latest fashion apparel.  This outfit is also called a magical garment because of trim fit and perfect selection.  In the leather jackets for Men many styles are popular in the USA. Biker jackets, bomber jackets, slim-fit jackets, celebrity jackets are the preference of the USA audience as a classic outwears.  That style suits to everyone to make an image like a rocker and more fashion friendly.  The jackets are designed in an ideal style with lots of metallic hardware ensemble.  With classic detailing and fine quality stitching of leather jackets are contemporary to standing out attention everywhere.  To look for the modern fashion world, this outwear for mens is presentation of standard appealing to make the impression deep.   As well, it is work to keep protect your body with warmth in a chilly season.

awkwark-moment-zac-efron-jacket goldberg_harley_davidson_jacket

The collection of leather jackets can be found everywhere in the USA market in nearly any color. Obviously, in the wardrobe of every guy leather is a top most choice in the form of stylish jackets. Of course, these outwears are best to grab according to current fashion moves.  Either casual or dressy look is perfectly appearing in the luxury style jackets.  In construction of classic leather jackets for men used the soft quality material and lining of cotton and polyester with updated modern elements.  An investment on the leather jackets is profitable because outwear is durable up to many years. To obtain the updated outfits must be considered color, style, fit and construction. Through this outwear, guys can add an instant edgy cool look to gain compliments.  Yet, choose a fantastic and sophisticated leather piece for pretty much favorable outlook to well run in the current fashion street.

Shoes Always Enhance Look!

Shoes always tell truth that how you are fashionable and what sense you have about fashion, most of people don’t understand the importance of the shoes in fashion and enhancing your style, you dress up like celebrity to look amazing but you are not complete only with dressing up, the FilmStarJackets.com is presenting the hottest collection of shoes that make your look complete, the pair of shoes enhance your personality look, even it changes your look according to the situation. Here are many designs are being offered which are made of genuine, suede leather and velvet etc. here are the shoes images to be shown with it’s brand name:

Morab Full Strap Loafer Formal Mens Shoes:


Genuine leather used in making

Black color

Low heel design

Full strap


                                                  Motown Classic Full Strap Loafer Snakeskin Shoes:full_strap_loafer_snakeskin_shoes_men2Features:

Black color

Pure leather

Soft skin lining

Strap across the vamp


 Mustang Double Monk Strap Velvet Shoes:


Double Monk Strap

Velvet & Pure leather has been used to prepare

Brown color


Now you must be aware about fashion of shoes, you can get stylish pair of shoes crafted by FilmStarJackets.com before this store used to provide only leather jackets but now shoes have been providing to the customers to have a complete look, after reading this blog you would definitely like having the pair of shoes, so contact customer support at Film Star Jackets online store or jump direct to the Shoes Section to upgrade your collection from today…


Make your look elegant with Sloan Peterson Fringe Jacket!

The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a 80’s movie and we all know that old is gold so as something like that is going to come to know here about it. The all characters are very loving and specially who are playing lead roles in this movie, I have pointed out one most hottest 80’s movie actress who is Mia Sara, she is playing Sloane Peterson role, in old age era no one used to understand the advanced fashion and style but the current era is to take any style which can make your look and style different and elegance ever. Now Sloane Peterson’s dressing style is being taken by her fans or fashion lovers and one her outwear that has been most common in these days according to the fashion, you would have noticed that Sloane Peterson wears a stylish white color fringe outwear to make her look more stylish and she did it, and most women are searching her replica outwear that she wore in the movie, but they are getting her outwear with not having the same design of the outwear, so don’t worry it’s replica outwear is available at one most famous Film Star Jackets online shopping store , Sloane Peterson Replica Outwear design matches very close to her original outwear here are images shown to your convenience:

You can Compare the design of it from every side that how it matches to original Sloane Peterson Jacket…


Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara, Alan Ruck, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, Paramount, 1986, I.V.Sloane_Peterson_White_Fringe_Jacket2

Sloane_Peterson_White_Fringe_Jacket3Sloane_Peterson_Fringe_White_Jacket3  Sloane_Peterson_Fringe_White_Jacket2 Sloane_Peterson_Fringe_White_Jacket

Certainly you would agree with it’s design, because the designers take care specially to make look same, they work hard to provide their customers the best quality with it’s best look even if anyone who want to get changes made in this design so now it can be possible you can mail after placing order and then their customer support will contact you to ensure all your queries are made correctly so if you are interested in buying or getting information so contact to Film Star Jackets and if you want to buy Sloane Peterson White Fringe Jacket direct from the link so you can visit Add To Cart link to buy it with simple steps.

Jaime Lannister Breathe Taking Style!

Why does everyone say the breathe taker of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau? Since Nikolaj Coster-Waldau came in famous Game Of Thrones American Television Series as Jaime Lannister, he is known as a fashion symbol he had a great dressing style, Jaime Lannister was wearing a dust color touch style coat and the perspective to make him wear this coat to show him as an important character of the series. But after wearing coat not only he became a lead character, in eye of his fans he has become a fashion symbol and Jaime Lannister fans are trying to collect his coat at any cost so I think to guide you all that where to buy Jaime lannister coat at reasonable cost with good quality and look, well many online store are surviving to provide replica clothing to celebrity’s fans but most of them flunk to manufacture same look but as much i know the one and only online shopping store that is Film Star Jackets. Film Star Jackets online shopping store is also providing the replica coat of Jaime lannister and the design matches same to original Jaime Lannister coat, you can also look at here it’s original and replicated coat’s images and distinguish between both of Jaime Lannister coat….

Jaime Lannister Replica Coat’s Images:

Game Of Thrones Jaime Lannister Coat Game Of Thrones Jaime Lannister Coat1 Game Of Thrones Jaime Lannister Coat2

Jaime Lannister Original Coat’s Images:

Game_Of_Thrones_Leather_Costume Game_Of_Thrones_Costume Game_Of_Thrones_Jaime_Lannister_Coat

Quality material has been used for making Jaime Lannister coat, experienced designer are struggling day night to provide the same look but care about it’s costing that costs should be affordable for everyone and specially for them whose daily expenditure is very high and can’t spend too much money in buying stylish outwears, film star jackets tries to provide best quality outwears to customers, so feel free contact to FilmStarJackets and make your confusion clear and be ready to have great replica outwear collection.

Make your Halloween 2014 special with wearing stylish costumes!

Halloween 2014 costumes ideas

As we all know about that Halloween is celebrated by every age and everyone wants to have different look with wearing stylish, Horror, funny etc. costumes at Halloween parties but choosing the correct costume is a very difficult that which costume can make your body charm and notable, if we fail to change our look at Halloween party then we repent for a whole year because it comes after a year. This blog has been written for those who are still puzzle in finding right costume for Halloween 2014 party I have some different look and style costumes which are not overlooked ever. These costumes have been inspired from Hollywood movies where many Halloween types costumes are being introduced every day.

Halloween 2014 Starlord Peter Quill Costume!

star lord new design costume

star lord new design costume1 star lord new design costume2

Costume Detailing:

Made from genuine leather

Original color: Maroon, available in Blue, Red, Green colors

Belted style on this Halloween 2014 peter quill costume

Stand up collar

Golden buttons to make it more stylish

Assassin’s Creed Halloween 2014 Costume!



Assassin’s Creed Costume Detailing:

Made in two type of material pure leather and faux leather

Available in two colors combination: Red / Black & Green White according to Halloween parties

It has a Hoodie but you can simply remove Hoodie easily to make this Halloween costume for simple parties

Zipper closure at front and button on cuffs.

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Latest Trendy Outfit By Brad Pitt From Fury 2014 Movie!

Fury is an upcoming Hollywood war 2014 movie set in World War 2 directed and written by David Ayer, and cast by the most famous stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman who are most talented and looking handsome super stars of Hollywood movies, and if we talk about any thing similar out of them so we get one same thing that is their style and look, and i will talk about most senior star who is Brad Pitt, many people who are crazy about his fashion and style he is also bringing one new commando style outwear to show his self strong macho man, here some pics to show you how he is looking handsome with this outwear. This Brad Pitt outwear has been named WW2 Fury Brad Pitt Outfit!



Patches on the sleeves of this brad pitt jacket

It has a front zipper closure

Two waists pockets

Bomber style commando jacket

This jacket’s features makes it more stylish than other jackets, and can be worn at Halloween for absolute new style and look….

ww2 fury jacket

Now Film Star Jackets presents this Brad Pitt Bomber WW2 Fury Jacket at most affordable rate with providing best quality and look, we care about the look that is most important for a replicated item, this Brad Pitt WW2 Fury Jacket can be ordered by Contacting Us we will give you our best and won’t let your trust down.

A Walk Among the Tombstones 2014 Film Liam Neeson Coat!

I have seen this movie is going to be most famous because the most talented person is in the movie who is Liam Neeson, his acting and style every fans really love, and i give him one more complement due to his dressing style Yes, his dressing style is superb when ever he comes in new movie he has absolutely different style so now he is presented with a most stylish jacket in the shape of trench coat by A Walk Among the Tombstones 2014 latest movie. This Liam Neeson coat is being caught for the winter season because this coat makes warm when cold winds blow, if who didn’t take him as a stylish person so he has proved them wrong he is still so stylish like a young boy not an old man.



A Walk Among the Tombstones Coat

Now there is good news for those youngsters and oldies who don’t think them stylish, get this coat designed as a replica piece by experienced designers who are working day night to give you best quality with stylish look that to at most affordable rate, if you are interested in getting Liam Neeson Coat designed so simply contact Film Star Jackets customer support to let you know the product features or you want to make changes according to your need we appreciate you for being our trusted customer.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Costumes

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2014 Movie Costumes Worn by Chris Pratt

The movie got most popular in the all 2014 movies as it was being expected specially the role of chris pratt, he is doing his best as peter quill or star lord. Marvel’s movies have been always great story, and if we talk about costumes of this movie so we find many costume, vest, jacket and pants as peter quill played great role he also got up great look and style to maintain his personality as a big superstar i think after this movie he will be known as fashion symbol in eye of every fans, people who love or don’t love peter quill character in this movie they also want his costume to make this Halloween more special i show here some his costume or jacket pics these might be liked very much:


Replica Made Coat Of Chris Pratt



Replicated Jacket of Chris Pratt’s Jacket


You might have noticed that he made all clothe’s style in maroon color only except pants, maroon color costume is going to be different at this coming Halloween and more over in winter season, his trench coat can be adopted for winter to keep your self warm so now keep your style cool in winter if you want to buy one of these so you can contact us or order online to get it stitched according to your need of style.


Hugh Jackman Jacket Arrives For Brooklyn Academy Of Music gala

Hugh Jackman Wears Jacket When He Arrives For Brooklyn Academy Of Music gala

Designers use celebrities and models to endorse their products in a more grandeur manner. Movie stars are the peak of this kind of stardom and the most eye-catching and noticeable amongst these movie stars is without a shadow of a doubt the brilliant and dashing Hugh Jackman. The way Hugh Jackman carries himself around in parties, openings of various franchise or film nights is second to none. His apparel is the best in the fashion world and what makes it the best is the kind of jackets that he wears. These are some of the best designer jackets in the world.


Hugh Jackman One Another Shiny Black Jacket in Lawrence City

Hugh_Jackman_Black_Jacket Hugh_Jackman_Bomber_Style_Jacket Hugh_Jackman_Jacket_Sale

Where ever he goes even casually, he makes a grand appearance. One of such grand appearances would be his appearance at the opening of quaint tea shop in New York. Here, Hugh Jackman wears his amazing black leather jacket that had been used in the blockbuster movie Real Steel. The jacket is glossy and shinny. It has two zipped front pockets and a central zipped lining. The best thing about this jacket is the fact that it can blend in with almost any kind of clothing. In the opening of the tea shop, Hugh Jackman used the jacket as a part of formal attire. Another such incident was when Hugh Jackman arrived in all his style and grandeur at Brooklyn Academy of Music Gala. His appearance absolutely rocked the show. What added to it was the adorable that jacket that he had on at the time. Hugh Jackman was easily looking the best at the show and all because of that brilliant maroon jacket. The design pattern of the jacket was truly breathing taking. One can easily say after having a look at the jacket that it is easily one of the best maroon jackets in the market at the moment.  Hugh Jackman is primarily famous for the way he endorses tightly fitted black leather jackets. For instance, the jacket he made us of with Citizens of Humanity Sid Jeans in Lawrence. The black leather jacket was truly exhilarating!


Hugh Jackman wearing black jacket while opening up a quaint tea shop in New York



Van Helsing 2004 film Hugh Jackman Trench Leather Coat/Costume


Hugh Jackman also endorses great costumes in his movies such as the Van Helsing and Wolverine. In Van Helsing we see Hugh Jackman as a character of the Victorian age and his clothing reflects that. While in Wolverine we see him as this fierce superhero who can take on the world and here again his jacket says almost all.

Hugh_Jackman_Van_Helsing_Leather_Costume Hugh_Jackman_Van_Helsing_Leather_Jacket

Hugh Jackman Jacket Wolverine filming in Queenstown

Wolverine_filming_Hugh_Jackman_Jacket Wolverine_filming_Hugh_Jackman_Jacket_in_Queenstown

Watch Out Our More Replicated Designs

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Jacket


X-Men The Last Stand Wolverine Jacket


X-Men Wolverine Special Jacket


X-Men Wolverine XO Jacket


If anyone here who is interested in any one of these and want to buy any replica so feel free contact us or jump to wolverine section to make your lifestyle like your favorite celebrity. We take care about saving your precious time and money in providing you best quality of product at your doorstep.

Cheryl Cole looks beautiful in black quilted style jacket as she arrives in Italy for Milan Fashion Week!


Cheryl cole Black Quilted Design Short Body Jacket

Cheryl cole has been known as a fashion’s icon since she started wearing stylish outwears and one stylish jacket is more eye-catching which she wears when she arrives at Italy for Milan Fashion Week. This short body jacket makes Cheryl cole more sexy and cool and more special thing is quilted design on it.


Collarless, long sleeves, quilted design, astounding look and most special it’s back style is  different than all jackets…

Cheryl-Cole-arrives-for-Milan-Fashion-Week-Quilted-Jacket Cheryl-Cole-arrives-for-Milan-Fashion-Week-Quilted-Jacket2 Cheryl-Cole-arrives-for-Milan-Fashion-Week-Quilted-Jacket3


This Cheryl cole jacket has never been offered yet at online, but if anyone who are fans of Cheryl cole so please contact us we won’t disappoint you in getting Cheryl cole dressing style in your life…